Sunday, February 10, 2013

Free Driftwood Album Track - Redeem Codes

Free Tracks - Get your Redeem Code


Head over to search through the Driftwood album collection and pick a track you like.  Request your track here and I'll send you a link to redeem that free download. 

Support this inspiring new artist 'Yennek Sivad' listen to him on Jango, Ourstage, tweewoo and Last FM.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

House Work - New Hot Track

Yennek Sivad's Newest Track 

"House Work"

House Work is an urban track for the dance hall, head bopping, finger drumming excitement. The track House Work composed in the my home studio dancing to it like doing house work in a fun way. This cool track is about feeling the energy, the beat and dance action being in a dance hall or small club. 

This track reminds me of my days in Philly buying 12 inch record for beat mixing. All the sounds on this track are not samples of other records, but laid in tracks to make this what it is - HOT!

Have fun listening to it. 

Yennek Sivad

Yennek Sivad: House Work

Monday, November 19, 2012

Genre In The Loop

Second Album to be Release soon

Genre In The Loop

This is another new music release, and one of the titled tracks is dedicated to a woman whose nick name was 'Tootsie'. Tootsie passed way a few weeks ago and will be missed. This woman loved music especially jazz, therefore, I looped composed this album with her in mined. It will be release in December 2012, on iTunes stop by take a listen to the track dedicated to Ms Tootsie my mother-in-law.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Driftwood Hot New Album

Driftwood Album

Driftwood Album iTunes
The driftwood project, released September 2012, reflects a passion for the resonance of music reminiscent of yesterday. Like driftwood, that is constantly moving and floating on water, it takes on different genres and classifications, but becomes invariable when it finally reaches land. 

This CD seems designed to appeal to a diverse audience of listeners who wants to drift along and land somewhere where they can really enjoy the end result. 

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